Doğum Sonrası Vücuduyla Annelik Mucizesini Yansıtan Kadınlardan Gerçekçi Fotoğraflar

Bu aralar Instagram’da vakit geçirip de minnoş bebekler görmemek mümkün değil. Peki çocuk sahibi olmak yalnızca güzel anlardan ve kusursuz karelerden mi ibaret? Doğum yaptıktan sonra derhal eski formuna dönen anneleri görüyoruz peki ya diğerleri?

Takebackpostpartum adlı Instagram hesabı, annelerin “doğum sonrası”nda çektiği gerçekçi fotoğrafları ve onların hikayelerini yayınlıyor.??

1. “Her gün eski vücuduma nasıl kavuştuğumu soran mesajlar alıyorum. Gerçek şu ki hanımlar; kavuşmadım!”

"I've been wanting to share this for awhile now. Almost everyday, I receive messages from other Mums asking me how I look the way that I do. How I got my 'pre baby body' back. Here's the truth ladies – I DIDN'T. I have the excess skin. I don't have stomach definition the way I used to. My hips are a little wider. I don't want there to be any misconceptions. My body did not just 'bounce back'. Now having said that, I work very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to FEEL good in my skin. I may not ever look the way I did before I had the twins. And you know what? I'm OK with that. _ I have arms. I have legs. I can see, hear and experience life. My body has done amazing things, why on earth would I punish it? _ Learn to appreciate what you have. It doesn't mean you have to stop working for what you want, just show a little self love along the way." ?@twinmamadiaries #takebackpostpartum

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2. İnsan bazen “uyanmasın” köşeye sıkışabiliyor böyle… ?

3. “Keşke bende de olsa diyen kadınlar, hamilelik çatlaklarından nefret edenler kadar çok.”

"I still don’t think I have really come to terms with my new body, while it’s easy to adopt the attitude ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – they are definitely not out of mind. It’s selfish I know, others are having issues falling pregnant and I’m moaning about my stretch marks, marks which without, I wouldn’t have my kids. I am truly grateful for my children. My stretch marks are bad. They look like I’ve been attacked by a wild animal (maybe that’d be a better story to roll with). They’re deep and almost look like burns. I know they will fade over time but I think with the extent of them, it’s likely they’ll always be quite prominent. The tattoo is ruined, but I am not bothered as I hated it anyway. I heard a quote the other day, “For every woman who hates her stretch marks there is a woman wishing she had them”. It really got me thinking. Thinking about the new body I have. I am thankful everyday, don’t get me wrong. The stretch marks a part of me now, a part I am yet to fully accept. Whilst I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my body is most certainly not the same but I am OK with that. Am I really? Yes and no. I wish I didn’t have my stretch marks but they also tell a story and I now have two beautiful children to show for it. It’s funny because I weigh the same but I am different size and body shape now, my boobs went from a C to a DD and I am not even breastfeeding anymore. I don’t fit any of my old clothes and I can’t stand anything that is tight fitting, although I never did, to be honest. 3 months on from baby #2 and I don’t think I can say I ‘love’ my body but I am coming to terms with the fact that this is my body now. Not everybody gets stretch marks, yay you. I did, and it’s really not the end of the world. It’s my body, there is fuck all I can do to change it so I just have to deal with it and learn to accept it. So here I am, baring it all to you. If anybody else is in the same boat you’ll now you are not alone. It’s tough, I won’t lie. I feel sad when I see people bounce back from their pregnancies. I don’t wish for a perfect body, I just wish I could be comfortable and confident in myself. It will come with time I am sure." @jessbovey

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4. “İki kızımı büyütüyor olmaya değer.”

"No more bump shots so me and Margot have had a little selfie instead. One week postpartum and I can honestly say it's been a lot harder than I ever thought. After having an emergency c-section and delivering Nellie 3 months early I though our full term, planned section would be a breeze. Well in no way have I "bounced back" like I did with Nellie. Will my belly button always look like a cats bum hole? ? It's been a lot easier emotionally but I still cry at least once a day over absolutely nothing and man my poor boobies are running like taps, everything is soaked in breast milk, Margot loves a comfort feed so I've spent the last 7 days with her hanging of my nipple whilst contending with Nellie and now this silly blood pressure problem. How an earth do you mummas with more than two do it? Not that I would have it any other way, I'm still utterly and blissfully in baby paradise. There really is nothing I'd rather be doing than mothering my two girls." @sageandnellie . . . #postpartum #1weekold #1weekpostpartum #4thtrimester #newborn #babygirl #toddlermum #mumoftwo #takebackpostpartum

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5. “Doğum sonrası vücudunuz Instagram’da gördüğünüz annelerin vücuduna benzemiyor diye cesaretiniz kırılmasın. Aydınlatma ve filtreler ÇOK şeyi saklıyor. Ben çok faalim ve iyi besleniyorum fakat bu izlerin bazıları, ne yaparsam yapayım sonsuza kadar benimle kalacak. Ve hiç önemli değil.”

6. “Hayatın mucizesi.”

7. ?

8. “Neden kendinden utanmalıymışsın? Senin içinde bir canlı büyüdü.”

"Why be ashamed? A life grew inside of you that gives humanity hope of change. You felt things that I as a man will never understand. Even when you first held your baby girl or boy it was nothing similar to when they lay in their father's hands. Your body changed and so did you. It became a look into the past of what you went through. You grew mentally and emotionally and your spirit was taken to places you didn't think it would ever go. Your breasts may sit differently. Your ass may not be as thick as it once was. But why should it be when you gave so much of yourself to help all of us. A sacrifice of sorts if you choose to see it that way. But to me your body now is exactly how it's supposed to be. So don't be ashamed. Don't hide your changes from the world that you and your sisters helped create. Be proud of your story. Be proud of your lines. Be proud of who you've chosen to be." @expressionsuntold___ _ Muse: @sereneradianceyoga Photo by @expressionsuntold___ #birthwithoutfear #dontforgetdads #takebackpostpartum

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9. “Doğum sonrasındaki her annenin huzurlu, sakin ve kendisiyle barışık olmasını diliyorum.”

"OK. I'm just going to say it. Postpartum body shaming seems to happen no matter what size you end up being after birth. I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight four months after I had Charlie. I owe that to genetics 100%. That being said, you would not believe the amount of times I hear 'wow, you look so skinny.' Or 'geez, you've already lost ALL that weight?' Or the really snide remarks about 'well that won't happen with your second.' Or the straight up dirty looks I get from other new moms when they hear how old my baby is. FYI- I do still deal with all those crappy PP issues like my belly button popping out when I eat too much, diastasis recti, getting bald spots from PP hair loss and my personal favorite: postpartum depression. _ But truly, my struggle isn't external, it's internal. My heart still hurts so badly about the way I feel my body betrayed me during birth. It's something that I struggle with constantly when I think about having another baby. To be honest, I'm really terrified to labor again. Always wondering if my body will do what its supposed to next time. I was having a conversation with a Doula friend the other day about how to proceed in life after a traumatic labor and let me just tell you, it's hard. Really hard. And every time anyone mentions the way my body looks, I want to tell them how much my heart sometimes hurts. Please just know that every woman struggles in different ways and every woman's relationship with her birth is different. _ I may have gotten my 'body back', but my spirit has taken a little longer. _ So, here is my 10 month {postpartum} body. I don't care if you think I'm skinny or fat or too soft or too lumpy. And I don't care what your {postpartum} body looks like. I don't care if you're striped, swollen, thick, thin, still dealing with extra weight or have already worked your ass off to get back all of your muscle. I care that we remember -truly- that it's what's on the inside that counts. That has been my journey and it's getting better every day. _ All I wish for any postpartum woman is peace, calm and self acceptance." @jessicasheridan #takebackpostpartum

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10. “Vücudumu daha önce hiç bu kadar sevmemiştim.”

11. “İçeride 9 aylık, dışarıda 9 aylık.” ?

12. “Ne zaman kendimi kötü hissedecek olsam, içimde bir insan büyüttüğümü kendime hatırlatıyorum.”

•B o d y P o s i t i v e• At almost 4 months postpartum, this is my body today. I'm not one of the women who can just 'bounce back' after having a baby. I've gone back and forth I don't know how many times about posting this photo. I've been trying my best not to get down about my body since having Holden, but it's been a bit hard at times. There are days when I feel pretty good about myself, and then there are days where I don't even want to look in the mirror. But every time I start feeling poorly about my body, I remind myself that I just GREW A HUMAN inside of me. For nearly 10 months, my body changed and grew a little more every day with a growing baby inside of it. And that feeling trumps any and all of the poor feelings I have about myself. It makes me snuggle her a little harder and look at her a little longer. Because for me, motherhood isn't about getting my body back or being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It's about spending every moment possible loving on my precious babe and building that special bond with her. ? Words and image by @august.bea. • • • #postpartum #postpartumbody #nobounceback #thisisme #webothhaverolls #mombod #bodypositive #igrewahumaninthere #takebackpostpartum

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13. ??

14. Güzellik annelik mucizesinde! ♥️

✨this is beauty✨ ••• A Saturday morning with my babies, relaxing under the warmth of the sun shining into the living room, and the windows open. There's no sound here except for the birds chirping outside, the crunching of pretzels that my toddler is eating, and the little grunts of my baby as she's loving on her first home. The beauty is that I'm with my beautiful children and I don't have to get dressed or be put together to be loved by them. I don't have to have the perfect body. I am who I am, stretch marks and all, with a little fluff, and some squish…and they love me anyway. The beauty is that, I'm finally at a place in my life where I don't feel like I need to be perfect to please anyone. That I can enjoy and love the skin I am in. And even though I workout a lot and try to take care of my body, that doesn't change the fact that I am still comfortable in my skin at any stage. This body did miraculous things and still is – growing, birthing, and nurturing my children. Man, I love being a wife and a mother…and being a WOMAN. @lifewithabbyd #takebackpostpartum .

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